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Rest in peace sweetheart


24th June 2003 - 21st March 2014

Forever in our hearts

Chyna got a lump on her left front leg a few weeks ago so Rick to the vets who suggested pain killers and anti inflamatory then see what happened.  The lump didn't go down although her pain eased up a bit.  On Wednesday we took her to the vets (diferent one) who told us that there was a possibility it could be bone cancer.  Rick took her back there on Friday for a test and we both went back in the afternoon.  On our way back we got a phone call to let us know it was bone cancer. Rick told the vet that we didn't want her to suffer but we wanted to say our goodbyes. 

It was heartbreaking to say our goodbyes to Chyna.  She came straight to us and snuggled into us as we had sat on the floor.  When the vet gave her the injection I couldn't get up until I knew Chyna was dead.  Even then I cuddled her for a minute or two, took her collar off.

I am missing Chyna so much.  She always slept with me and now it's too quiet when I go to bed as Chyna isn't there and she snored when she slept.  Chyna was such a gentle giant and quiet yet we miss her being with us.

Goodnight Sweetheart, God Bless

We will met you again in heaven    


 My Chyna

Time goes fast

For a long time I haven't wanted to post here but it is time for an update.


My dad died on the 27th February this year which was sudden but he was 87 years old and had health problems.  It was hard on my sister as she had taken our dad to hospital the day before.  Our dad normally went to my sister's for dinner on Sundays and on that day he told her he didn't feel well enough.  My sister went round to see our dad the next day and found him dead on the kitchen floorso she had to ring for the medics and police had to go round as well which was expected as it was a sudden death.


The coroner's office took it's time and there was an autopsy so it was just over a month later that the funeral took place.  All they had to do was take a look at our dad's medical records to see how ill he was and taken his age in to account.  The cause of death was as we expected but to this day I am still a bit upset about the autopsy.  It just feels like disrespecting an elderly man who was poorly.


Due to what my dad left the will has to be dealt with by probate - my sister told me that an inheritance tax will have to be paid but that doesn't surprised.  Apparently the will is quite complicated so a solicitor is sorting it out as well.

Mood improving

12th November 2013

My mood is finally improving slowly. Having been depressed and stressed out for so long it’s good to finally feel better.

What hasn’t helped me recently has been trying to sort out my meds due to waiting for my medical records through.

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Severe depression again

26th October 2013

I have been severely depressed due to our neighbour’s appalling behaviour so lost the heart to write.  It seemed like every time I went out in the garden he had to go out just to make me feel uncomfortable.  On one occasion he decided to start mowing his lawn at 7 am and started moaning about the state of our garden.  I wasn’t happy as I had had a bad night’s sleep.

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